Who are we?


sarap (sah•RAHP) adj. Filipino word for "delicious," "fresh," or "tasteful"
(Don't forget to roll the 'r')


Sarap Asian Fusion was founded in the beginning of 2016 over beers and Adobo by JayTee Gonzales and Kris Mangaccat. (pictured above)

JayTeean aspiring chef with a drive to fuse classic Filipino flavors with modern cuisine, and Krisa videographer by craft and imagine-ator by naturesought out to create a food brand with an emphasis on balancing aesthetic and deliciousness.

What started with a low budget how-it's-made video of Sarap AF's first disha juicy, cheesy Adobo Grilled Cheese Sandwichhas become a brand that's on its way to innovating how people imagine Asian fusion in the L.A. area, showcasing with style the concoctions coming out of Executive Chef JayTee's kitchen.

We're currently building our brand with a vision much wider than a few funky-colored cookies, so we hope you join us on our food journey. We promise it'll be worth it.