Who is Sarap Asian Fusion?!

Founded over a couple of beers and Adob0.

We are a Filipino-inspired food brand aimed to change how people taste Asian fusion.

Over 40,000 of our #asianfusiongoods have been eaten since we started. And it's only the beginning.

Let's get one of 'em in your mouth ;)

<font color="#98cd7d">#ASIANFUSIONCOOKIES</font>


The classic homemade American chocolate chip cookie - made Asian

Using popular Asian flavors like: ube, matcha, black sesame, miso, & milo - we created the next generation of cookies


<font color="#98cd7d">#ASIANFUSIONBROWNIES</font>


we transformed everyone's favorite cookies into an ooey, gooey brownie

A bite of this will make you cry & fall in love with our flavors all over again


<font color="#98cd7d">HOLIDAY CRATES</font>


Can't just choose one? Now you don't have to!

Grab a holiday crate and get the best of both worlds

These are great for family parties and personal stashes 😉

Save up to 12% with selected crates*

<font color="#98cd7d">SAVE THAT MONEY</font>


Take advantage of our most popular deals:

○ Order 3 dozen & save 12% off

○ Order 6+ dozen & receive FREE shipping

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in cookies or brownies...

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